Property Division

When it comes to property division, our ultimate goal is to find solutions that not only meet our client’s individual needs, but also feel fair and equitable to the other party. We assist our clients to identify all of the marital and separate assets and debts, we work with appropriate experts to value the assets, and we negotiate the most equitable way to distribute the assets.

How it works: In New York, marital property is divided based upon equitable distribution. One of the most important issues that couples face when divorcing or legally separating is how to divide the assets and debts that were acquired during the marriage. These assets and debts are called Marital Property. It is also important to clarify what assets and debts were accumulated prior to the marriage or inherited by one spouse during the marriage. These assets and debts called Separate Property. When a spouse has contributed separate property to a marital asset, they may be entitled to a separate property credit against that asset. Typical assets to be divided include homes, bank and investment accounts, retirement accounts, vehicles, businesses, jewelry, antiques and art.