Commercial & Business Litigation


"Litigation solves everything." ~ Jon Cryers

Litigation is a reality in the world of doing business. It not a question of if it happens but when it happens. Better be prepared and surrounded by a dedicated team of available experienced litigators. We always try to resolve business litigation cases as quickly and as favorably as possible; however, are your sword and we can achieve your goals and fight for your rights.

The first part of commercial litigation is analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of the case. Our business litigation trial attorneys will be able to analyze how strong or weak the case is well in advance of trial.

We always try to negotiate and find a faster quicker approach that outweighs your cost benefit. Therefore, we can help you make a cost benefit analysis of your litigation. We dint waste time and we are always painfully honest with you. Sometimes it is better to settle and make things go away quickly. Other times, it is worth it to go through all the hard work of litigation.

The second part of business litigation is strategy. The strategy involved in litigation goes beyond just winning the trial. A good New York corporate litigation attorney can serve as the catalyst to a favorable settlement. We can and have handled all sorts of disputes from mom and pop fights, to fortune 200 companies’ commercial disputes, breach of contracts, breach of fiduciary duties, partnership disputes, shareholders disputes, freight disputes, procurements, etc. any contractual relationship name it we have seen it with more than half a century of combined experienced among our litigators. The third part of commercial litigation is preparation. Unlike some television portrayals, trials are won or lost long before anybody sets foot in the courtroom.

The last and most important part of commercial litigation is the outcome. There is a general principal in law that litigants only get one bite at the apple. The most important part of litigation is that it produces a final result. While it may be possible to appeal to certain matters about the case, you should always assume the result of litigation would in fact be final. You are not allowed to re-litigate your case just because you don’t like the outcome. It’s important for litigation to be done right the first time. We know our clients only seek to litigate their most important issues and only when left with no choice. Our lawyers can help you avoid litigation unless really necessary.