I.P litigation and prosecution


"A good lawyer knows the law; a clever one takes the judge to lunch". ~ Mark Twain

We are used to be David Shield in those David Vs. Goliath in those type of situations. Whether it’s a bet-the-company patent litigation, a strategic market-driven case or defense in a competitor lawsuit, LS is among the leading go-to firms for companies involved in patent disputes. Our Patent Litigation team has a loyal client base of companies both large and small who hire us because we understand their businesses, innovations, challenges and goals, and because we work closely with them to achieve winning outcomes. Our team brings extensive courtroom experience before the federal district and appellate courts and deep knowledge in the fields of mechanical and electronic devices, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals/life sciences, medical devices, computer hardware and software, and telecommunications. Our aggressive approach saves time, avoids wasting resources and keeps cases focused on achieving the desired outcome. Seamlessly coordinating district court litigation with U.S. Patent and Trademark Office proceedings, our IP litigators have an unrivaled record of success in inter partes reviews and extensive experience in strengthening client patents and challenging patents of others through post-grant reviews of covered business method and #exparte re-examinations.