About Us


"If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself." ~ Henry Ford

We handle various cases in terms of litigations, whether you are subject to a criminal indictment, or criminal charges, Real Estate Disputes, Labor and Employment cases, Personal injuries, Bankruptcy hearings etc.... We take our time and believe in results rather than billable hours and volume of cases, so at any given point we are not overloaded with cases and can truly focus on our clients’ needs. We chose our cases and add value.

We do not fear taking a stand for causes we believe in and are fierce advocates of those who put their trust with us.

The Firm represent clients with regards to many types of litigation in federal courts, state courts as well as arbitration forums.
Most case settle and our lawyers are savvy negotiators.

Most of our plaintiffs cases are on hourly rates, some on contingency /or a combination of flat monthly fees and contingency/or a capped hourly rate with a bonus, or straight discounted hourly rates with a small retainer payable upfront, as we align our interests with our clients, whether it is a derivative action case, a personal; injury case, a patent infringement case, or a real estate dispute. We will review your case ask question and if you are approved will enter into an engagement agreement with you with a small retainer upfront.
In defensive cases, we work on hourly rates with a cap on hours estimated and thus allow you to foresee your anticipated costs. If the hourly expected time is increased beyond that time we will provide additional free hourly work. Working with you and for you to achieve your goals, getting the case dismissed, or squashed, if there is a counterclaim we will provide a combo of lower hourly rates with a success fee, or a lower hourly rate than our ongoing rates if we believe in the counterclaims chances of success and based on the solvency of the defendants.
We are always accessible via modern technology, you will have access to our lawyers via skype, whatsapp or other secured online systems to communicate about your case and have a secured proprietary online system to share documents review memorandums and interact on your case directly.
Most lawyers are top ranked attorneys in their field of specialty and are fierce advocates on behalf of our clients. They know the in and out of the courts and judicial system and have been successful over the years with many complex litigation.
In your time of needs true partners and that’s what our law firm offers worldwide.