"When will mankind be convinced and agree to settle their difficulties by arbitration?" ~ Benjamin Franklin

LS’s arbitration lawyers are involved with numerous commercial arbitrations, along with a steady flow of sovereign work, typically for the investors, or commercial disputes mostly through the JAMS, AAA and the NYSAA where they excel. The Firm’s lawyers have handled domestic international ADR disputes for more than a century combined and has unparalleled expertise and experience in this area.

LS’s group is a global leader with major awards obtained for its clients. Lawyers in the practice handle a broad range of matters, including domestic and international commercial and treaty arbitration, public international law and complex commercial litigation. LS's Arbitration Group also advises on litigation risks and arbitration clause solutions for domestic and international issues, ranging from divorce up to joint venture and other financial and commercial transactions. The Group's lawyers also regularly sit as arbitrators in both commercial and investor-state disputes.

The Firm has handled arbitrations administered by all of the major arbitral institutions, as well as ad hoc arbitrations, including proceedings under the following organizations' rules:

American Arbitration Association
International Chamber of Commerce
New York State Arbitration Alternative
New York Chambers of Commerce
United Nations Commission on International Trade Law